July 2018

GCSE Dance Intro

Year 10 Geography Italy 2019

Flip Out

Year 9 GCSE Launch Evening

Year 9 GCSE Launch Evening Programme

Music events - date change

Welcome evening Year 6 - 4 July

June 2018

Concert Tour - Germany 2019

House Dance Competition 2018

GCSE Geography fieldwork - Year 10


May 2018 

Enrichment Days

Year 7 - Letter and EV5 form

Year 8 - Letter and EV5 form

Year 9 - Letter and EV5 form

Year 10 - Letter and EV5 form

Yr11 Prom

April 2018

Ardeche watersports meeting - 21 May at 6.30pm

Kit list for the Ardeche trip

Study Visit to Berlin and Krakow

Study leave letter

Year 11 timetable changes 2018

DofE hoody

Summer Dance Festival

Lunchtime feedback

Spanish exchange

A Brave Face

New York Place Confirmed

March 2018

GCSE Mathematics Revision – Practice Papers

Easter workshops for GCSE Photograhy students

Easter workshops for GCSE Fine Art and Textiles students

Bristol City FC

February 2018

Community Concert - 3rd May

Snow Letter

GCSE Drama - Dress rehearsal for exam

GCSE Drama - Easter revision day

Year 11 Leavers

The Castle School and Heathfield School Easter Concert - 21 and 22 March 2018

New York Deposit

Ski Trip April 2019


January 2018

German Exchange 2018-2019

Consultation results for the Controlled Assessment in Computer Science


November 2017

Bag to School

EV5 Form - Parental Consent

Year 7 Enrichment January 2018

Year 8 Enrichment January 2018

Year 9 Enrichment January 2018

Year 10 Enrichment January 2018

Year 10 Eden Project January 2018

Year 11 Enrichment January 2018

Charity Hamper collection

Year 11 Parents' Evening

Caernarvon Ice Skating

House Languages invite to parents

Year 10 DT pack letter

Graphic Products Materials

RM Materials - Female

RM Materials - Male

October 2017

Year 7 Curriculum Evening and Programme

September 2017

Letter from Mrs Watson

Sports Enrichment Donations

Le Touquet - New Hotel

Enrichment Days 9th & 10th October

Year 7 Enrichment

Year 8 Enrichment

Year 9 Enrichment

Year 10 Enrichment

Year 11 Enrichment

Year 10 & 11 Textiles Trip

Year 11 Art Trip

Blank EV5 Form - Parental Consent


Trip to Pinkery – Windsor 7B 

Trip to Pinkery – Caernarvon 7M 

Trip to Pinkery – Lancaster 7O 

Trip to Pinkery – Buckingham 7R 

Trip to Pinkery – 7Y1 

Trip to Pinkery – 7Y2 

Year 7 parents - Pastoral letter from Mr Randle

Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

July 2017

Balmoral 7G1 Trip to Pinkery

Pinkery final arrangements 7G1

Balmoral 7G2 Trip to Pinkery

Pinkery final arrangements 7G2

Buckingham 7R Trip to Pinkery

Caernarvon 7M Trip to Pinkery

Lancaster 7O Trip to Pinkery

Sandringham 7Y1 Trip to Pinkery

Sandringham 7Y2 Trip to Pinkery

Windsor 7B Trip to Pinkery


10 day trip to China in May half term 2018 – Years 9 and 10 

Trip to China - Itinerary

End of term letter

Headteachers letter regading GCSEs

MFL Revision guides

June 2017

Year 9 GCSE Launch Evening

May 2017

9G1 End of term trip – Water sports activity 12July 3.30 – 5.30 pm

May 2017

Trip to Sri Lanka

Assessed Expedition 1st and 2nd July

Year 11 Prom

Year 10 Internal Exams and College Visits - Tuesday 27 June and Wednesday 28 June.  Please complete the EV5 Form

Year 11 Study Leave

April 2017

Year 7 Curriculum Enrichment Days 

Year 8 Curriculum Enrichment Days 

March 2017

Sorrento April 2017

Visit to Cologne - December 2017

Year 11 leavers hoodies and year books

Ski Trip 2017

Dance Hoodies

February 2017

Cashless catering



     Frequently asked questions

Ten Tors Expeditions 2017

‘Snap Revision’ guide

History Theatre Trip 'The Doctors Show'

January 2017

A letter from Mrs Watson

Ten Tors 2017

Immenstadt - Trip details

December 2016

GCSE Revision Guides and workbooks for MFL

Mrs Skittrell's class

Cashless catering

Bridgwater College workshop

Paper Bird Performance

Year 7 Enrichment January 2017

Year 8 Enrichment January 2017

Year 9 Enrichment January 2017

Year 10 Eden Project Enrichment January 2017

Year 10 Enrichment January 2017

Year 11 Enrichment January 2017

November 2016

Male RM Materials and Order Requests

Female RM Materials and Order Requests

Airhop letter

Cashless Catering Consultation

Christmas Hamper collection - Suggested items for donations

Year 11 Curriculum Enrichment Days

Caernarvon Ice Skating Letter

September 2016

Bobble Hat Letter

Conference - Exeter 12th October

Year 10 Geography

Year 10 Textiles Trip to the V&A Museum 


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Presentation Evening – Thursday 3 November 2016

Theatre Royal, Plymouth trip

Year 7 pastoral letter

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7Y

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7O

Arts materials - GCSE textiles course

Concert Tour to Holland 23-27 June 2017 - 2nd payment

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7G

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7R

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7M2

Pinkery - Final arrangements for 7M1

GCSE Dance introduction letter

Trip to Pinkery – 7R

Bag2School collection

Year 10 Mathematics revision guide letter

Performing Arts' trip to New York

Trip to Pinkery - 7B1

Trip to Pinkery - 7B2

2016 Spanish Exchange

GCSE Graphic products

German cultural youth exchange/ski trip 2016/17

Pinkery letters

Balmoral 7G

Buckingham 7R

Caernarvon 7M1

Caernarvon 7M2

Lancaster 7O

Sandringham 7Y

Windsor 7B1

Windsor 7B2


July 2016

Lille trip 2016 – Year 10 and Year 11

June 2016

Ardeche itinerary

BBC Micro:bit and Year 7 students

Break and lunch time survey

May 2016

English exam - 23rd May

Year 11 Prom

Year 11 students study leave

Request for term time leave of absence

Enrichment letters 

       Year 7

       Year 8

       Year 9 

       Year 10

April 2016

Ten Tors event letter

German Exchange 2016/17

Unfair funding 

Ten Tors Expedition 2016

March 2016

China trip 

Parallel School Games 2015/2016 Spring Games 14 April 2016

Sorrento, Italy Trip

Year 11 Leavers

Romeo and Juliet - Yr 9 and 10

New York City Performing Arts Trip - Second half of the deposit

Ten Tors Expedition 2016

Trip to Auschwitz – 6-8 April 2016

Ten Tors 2016

New York February 2017

January 2016

Year 8 IAs

Bristol City FC Trip

December 2015

Year 9 - English books

Year 10 - English books

November 2015

Enrichment Letters

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Trip to China  - May half term

Extra-Curricular Sports Recognition

Lancaster ice-skating trip/shopping trip to Cribbs Causeway 

Graphic products materials and order request

Turning on Christmas lights cancelled for band and choir

Wells Cathedral concert

Womens Refuge collection

Buckingham Ice Skating letter

October 2015

Easter Ski Trip 2017

Spanish exchange

E-safety letter

Year 7 Curriculum Evening - 19 October 

Rugby Shirts letter

Fairer funding letter and petition

Doctors Show

Bags 2 School

September 2015

Wideworld Geography magazine subscription

Balmoral Pinkery Letter

Sports Enrichment Donations

Enrichment Days

    Year 7

    Year 8

    Year 9 

    Year 10

    Year 11

Pastoral care

Pinkery letters

    Final Arrangements 7O1

    Final Arrangements 7O2

    Buckingham 7R1

    Buckingham 7R2

    Balmoral 7G

    Caernarvon 7M

    Windsor 7B

    Sandringham 7Y

Year 7 Extra Curricular practices and matches

Textile Design Materials - GCSE Course

NLE letter

Musical Instruments Lessons

Study Visit to Auschwitz

701 Pinkery Trip

‘The Crucible’ Threatre Trip - 5 November

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