The school has six computer suites distributed around the school buildings, together with smaller clusters of computers in a wide variety of areas around the school. All computers use either Windows 7 or 8 and have Microsoft Office 2013 software installed. We also use a combination of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft's cloud services for online storage, sharing and collaboration. Our three dedicated computing suites also have specialist software installed such as the Adobe Design Premium package, Serif media software package and Scratch, Python and Small Basic for computer programming. 

As well as benefiting from computing usage in virtually every subject area, all students in years 7-9 receive one hour per week of computing lessons, which follows the Computing curriculum, which came into force in September 2014.

In years 10 and 11 we offer two Options routes – Cambridge Nationals IT and GCSE Computer Science. ICT is a route that offers a broad range of skills in the application of computing and media in a business context. GCSE Computing is more in-depth, looking at the mathematical, scientific and electronic aspects of how computers work and the programming skills required to create applications; to see a comparison of the two options choices please click here.

Our department has a team of three specialist teaching staff and between us we have also invested in extra-curricular initiatives such as digital leadership and computing club for girls. The school promotes the use of mobile devices and the extensive Wi-Fi network allows us to utilise this and explore new technologies and web-based interactive resources with the students, whilst considering aspects of safety, ethics and legislation with them.

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