Food preparation and nutrition

Food preparation and nutrition at The Castle School is a subject that encourages students to 'learn by doing'.

Making activities are a large part of the curriculum and through these activities students are able to develop confidence, thinking skills, problem solving, team work and cooperation, as well as independence in their learning and doing.

We encourage students to take part, experiment and use a wide range of food materials - developing practical skills they will carry with them for life. We also inform on a wide range of issues surrounding food choices and use such as: nutrition, healthy eating, balance in diet, food safety, social and ethical issues associated with food production and choices of food materials.

The subject is offered throughout KS3 and is an interesting and challenging subject at KS4, where currently GCSE Catering is offered. There are many interesting and exciting career opportunities within the Food Industry which is one of the UK's largest employers. Examples would be Product Development, Marketing,  Diet Related industries such as Nutritionalists, Microbiologists, Trading Standards Officers, Environmental Officer, Hospitality and Catering plus other interesting opportunities.

We have two modern Food Technology rooms offering bright interesting spaces for the students to work and enjoy the subject. We benefit from the use of interactive white boards and computers to aid research and presentation of work, as well as the usual equipment you would expect to find in your own kitchens at home.

We are a team of specialist teachers who have a passion for the subject. We enjoy developing the enthusiasm for this subject area amongst the young people we teach.

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